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A Sri Lankan Culinary experience: The 5 Must-Try when visiting Sri Lanka
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Sri Lanka is known for its people, tradition, and culture but most importantly, it’s food! With the country’s access to locally grown ingredients, access to fresh seafood and a wide range of spices, food has become an important part of the Sri Lankan lifestyle.

Here are some dishes that you should not miss out on if you’re ever in Sri Lanka! 

1. Kottu

Kottu can be found around all parts of the country from the corner side shops to five-star restaurants, this dish is a local favorite and is even a hit with the tourists. Kottu is made from a Sri Lankan roti that is cut up into small pieces and includes vegetables/ egg/ meat. What makes the Kottu so famous is the method of preparation and the distinct sound it makes when the two metals clash against each other. 

2. Milk Rice (Kiribath)

Milk rice, or locally known as kiribath is a traditional food that is usually prepared for special occasions such as the New Year.. Milk rice is made using rice and coconut milk, and this sticky diamond-shaped rice is best paired with lunu miris (made of spicy onions) to get that spicy and tangy taste. 

3. Pol Roti 

Pol Roti is a Lankan favorite which is a round flatbread made of coconut and wheat flour. Pol roti is commonly paired with lunu miris and curries made with coconut milk. Pol roti is a local favorite and is consumed for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. 

4. Sri Lankan Rice & Curry

Rice and Curry is usually the main meal consumed by locals during lunchtime. One of the best ways to experience truly sri lankan cuisine is to taste homemade rice and curry. Rice is usually combined with curries such as dhal, long beans, pol sambol, fish/ chicken curry, all of which contains coconut milk and various other sri lankan spices. 

5. Hoppers

Hoppers can be best described as a fermented pancake made out of rice flour. However, unlike a pancake, hoppers take up a unique shape which is largely due to the way that it is made. The hopper has a crispy upper part and a soft center. Hoppers are served with Lunu miris / seeni sambol and can be found in almost all cornerside road shops. 

6. Isso Wade (Galle Face)

If you ever happen to visit Galle Face, Isso Wade is a must try! You can find this sri lankan specialty in the food stalls near Galle Face. Isso wade is made with gram flour, chillie, and prawns and is deepfried to give it that nice crispy texture. Biting into an isso wade gives you a burst of flavour along with that satisfying crunch!