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Batticaloa, Sri Lanka’s eastern city, is located on an island off the eastern coast where it is connected to the mainland by road, bridge, and ferry, as well as by road and railways. Batticaloa is the trade center for local plantations of rice and coconuts and other agricultural products. It was invaded in 1622 by the Portuguese, in 1638 by the Dutch, and in 1796 by the British.

A massive tsunami caused by an undersea earthquake hit Batticaloa in December 2004, causing widespread deaths and damage. Portuguese and Dutch forts which were destroyed, remain from the colonial era.

However, this pretty city on an island is surrounded by a stunning lagoon. Batticaloa is said to be the land of the singing fish”. One may need to find out why the district of Batticaloa has many points of interest on your next visit, including the popular Kalkudah and Passikudah Beach.

Historic Batticaloa, Batti for short, occupies a breathtaking location bordered by lagoons peeking from the sea with palm-filtered sunshine. The town has a mellow feel, and the compact center and its immense fortress and many churches are well worth exploring on foot for half a day. The beauty of Batti is indescribable.