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Floating over Sri Lanka in a Hot Air Balloon: A Precious sight!
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Hot Air Ballooning may be new to Sri Lanka but has quickly gained popularity for its ability to provide an enchanting experience, and stunning. And the best part is that every flight path is different and unique.

The hot air balloons used for the activity are all manufactured in the UK and the pilots have been trained by the Civil Aviation Authority in Sri Lanka to ensure the highest standards of safety for tourists and enthusiasts. The pilot duly will inform you about the entire procedure.

A Hot Air Balloon has three essential parts: the burner, which heats the air; the balloon envelope, which holds the air; and the basket, which carries the passengers and pilot.
There are balloons of several sizes that range from small baskets for one person up to baskets with 32 passengers. Some balloons are up to 30 meters high. Mostly medium size balloons are used (10 & 16 pax) to serve optimum Sri Lanka Ballooning experience.

Guests are keen to enjoy the panorama without missing the delightful details. Thus the Sri Lanka Balloon Flights usually don’t take place very high above the ground. Balloons can fly at the height of a tree, but they can also rise to a few thousand feet if necessary. Pilots pick the best height depending on weather conditions. The limit set by the Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka is 2000 feet above ground level.
An average Sri Lanka Ballooning experience takes approximately one hour. However, the real-time is dependent on the weather conditions and the availability of landing areas.

A Sri Lankan Ballooning trip is the most blissful flight experience and one of the best ways to sight-see. You will feel comfortable and enjoy each spectacular detail. The differences between the levels of the land and textures are pleasantly visible. There is no other vehicle that enables the traveler to feel so united with the earth and the sky. You may hear the barking of dogs below and the chirping of the birds above. You may see lakes, jungles, hills, temples, villagers, fishermen, and more. You may even talk to people walking on the road. There is something genuinely ethereal about floating up in the skies and watching the mesmerizing landscapes unfolding before your eyes. The views will be something out of a storybook.