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Glamping Vs. Camping: Why You Should Go Glamping For Your Next Vacation
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Hotel and resort vacations sometimes feel generic and overdone, especially if you are an adventurer that’s always looking for a vacation that is out of the ordinary. A stay in the great outdoors no longer has to be uncomfortable. With Glamping, you can experience the best of both worlds: outdoor living and hotel comfort.

Glamping has recently started to become popular among honeymooners, couples, families, and even solo travelers due to its access to outdoor life without the compromise of hotel comforts.

So what sets glamping apart from ordinary camping?

  1. Camping requires you to bring your own tent and set it up yourself however with glamping you are set up with all of the amenities offered at a hotel.
  2. One of the best things about camping is sleeping under the stars but this usually requires the use of a sleeping bag which might not be the most comfortable but with glamping you can sleep in a comfortable bed. Glamping usually offers see-through roofs which allow you to look up at the stars while lying in bed.
  3. A key highlight of a camping trip is the roasting of marshmallows on firewood, however, with glamping, you will have access to a camping stove where you will have much more freedom on the type of meals you can cook while on vacation.
  4. Camping requires you to adjust to the atmosphere and temperature around you but with glamping, you have the flexibility of having air conditioning and heating units.
  5. Access to water clean enough to drink is usually limited with camping. The best way to find water would be through streams and filtering. With Glamping, you have access to filtered clean water.
  6. Restrooms and showers aren’t available while camping and most campers don’t shower at all during their vacation due to the lack of access to clean water however glampers have access to fully functional washrooms and some even offer spa-retreat services.

If you are a lover of the great outdoors and into experiencing what nature has to offer but not too keen on roughing it, then glamping is your best option!