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Jaffna: Your Travel Guide To Experiencing The Best Of What Jaffna Has to Offer
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The city that was once out of bounds due to the civil war, is reopened since 2009 for tourism. This off-the-beaten-path located in the northernmost corner of Sri Lanka is a must-have on your travel radar. Jaffna has a slight southern Indian influence from the architecture, attire, and even the food and its locals. So what exactly does Jaffna have to offer?

  1. The Ancient Jaffna Fort
    The fort built in the mid 18th century by the Dutch is one of the major attractions in the area. You can walk around and explore the colonial ramparts and even catch a good view of the sunset from the Fort.
  2. Jaffna Public Library
    The public library is a colonial building that was destroyed during the civil war in Sri Lanka and was restored as a tourist spot. It was said to be one of the largest public libraries in Asia and is one of the city’s most famous attractions. You can also visit the clock tower which is in close proximity to the public library.
  3. Nallur Temple
    The people of the city of Jaffna are mainly Tamils originating from South India and therefore the city is the ideal place to experience the Hindu culture of Sri Lanka. Nallur Kandaswamy Kovil is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Murugan also known as the god of war, love, and beauty. This temple is an ancient place of worship and there is so much color and festivities you can witness at this temple.
  4. Experience Jaffna Food
    Jaffna is most famous for its seafood and its Indian influence in their dishes. Some of the restaurants you can visit are Mangos and Malayan Cafe to get the true Jaffna experience, and don’t forget to drop by Rio Icecream for dessert, one of the most famous ice cream joints in Jaffna.
  5. Jaffna Market
    The Jaffna market has the best local produce and food and is located in the center of Jaffna Town. You can also witness the day-to-day lives of the locals living in Jaffna on your visit to the Jaffna Market.
  6. Delft Island
    Located 30km off the coast of Jaffna, is one of the largest islands in Sri Lanka; Delft Island. Delft Island carries a lot of history from the Chola Dynasty to the British Colonial period. This Island is a christian and tamil community and is home to industries like fishing, cattle and poultry and other cottage industries. This island has its own rustic charm with its presence of horses, villages, dirt roads and the coral walls on the island.

Explore the Hindu culture of Sri Lanka on your next visit to Jaffna!