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Seasonal Delicacies In Sri Lanka during August
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If you are visiting a place in a particular month there naturally would be things that would just be available at that time. These seasonal delicacies or rather fruits just happen to be some of them.

 Try Mangosteen
Said to be the queen of fruits, Mangosteen is a fruit that has a sour-sweet taste and is very juicy. Known for its excellent nutritional value, ‘Kaluthara’, an evergreen tree bears this fruit. Very juicy and rich in vitamin B and C, calcium, and even carbohydrates you should try Mangosteen in Sri Lanka.

Taste Rambutans
Somewhat similar to strawberries, Rambutans grow in Colombo and Gampaha. Another place famous for its rambutan orchards is the ‘Kelani’ river valley. July to August is the best season to taste this fruit as an outer covering of hair develops around the surface and it looks very pretty.