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Sigiriya, which is also known as the eighth wonder of the world and is situated in between the towns of Dambulla and Habarana. This Lion rock was built by King Kashyapa. Approximately 3 hours of time will be taken to complete visiting all the places on the Lion Rock. This marvelous creation was named as a world heritage by UNESCO in 1982.

The architecture of tis represents the ancient urban planning, construction technology, hydraulic engineering and management etc. Well known fact about Sigiriya is lion rock paintings which show the beautiful damsels floating on the clouds. At the flat top of the sigiriya rock we can witness the king’s upper palace. Lion gates and mirror wall with the frescoes can be witnessed in the middle terrace of the lion rock. 

There is a Cobra Hood Cave which is known for it’s strange decorations and located on the opposite side of the main path up the rock. Because of this architectural masterpiece most of the foreigners tend to visit Sri Lanka.