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Surf Spots in Sri Lanka: Everything You Need to Know on Surfing in Sri Lanka!
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Sri Lanka is well known for its food, diverse cultures, tuk-tuks, breathtaking landscapes, its people, and most importantly their beaches! You can catch waves during both surf seasons in Sri Lanka, basically catching waves is possible any time of the year.

Before you start surfing in Sri Lanka, here’s a list of the locations and best times to visit;

Weligama, Matara District – October to April
Hikkaduwa, Galle District – October to April
Mirissa Beach, Matara District – October to April
Arugambay, Batticaloa – April to October

Weligama, Matara District
“Weligama”, known as the Sandy Village in the local language is one of the best beaches for beginner surfers. Depending on your skill level you have the convenience of choosing your spot for paddling and surfing.

Hikkaduwa, Galle District
Hikkaduwa has waves suitable for intermediate and advanced surfers. What’s even more appealing about Hikkaduwa is their sandy beaches and breathtaking views.

Mirissa Beach, Matara District
Mirissa beach has two spots for surfing that you can choose from on either side of the bay. The reef breaks over the water which makes it ideal for beginner surfers who are looking for mastering the basics.

Arugambay, Batticaloa
One of the best spots in Arugam Bay to go surfing is at the Elephant Rock which is a go-to spot for novice surfers. The path to the elephant rock is quite rocky and requires some climbing to reach the surfing break. You can also pair a trip to the Yala National Park which is on the edge of the surf point.

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