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Village Tours: Experience the Countryside and the Traditional Lifestyle of Sri Lanka
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Village Tours are a great way of connecting with the locals and experiencing the rural life of Lankans. Village tours include bullock cart rides, Scenic catamaran safaris, tasting traditional local cuisine and exploring in and around the village.

So what exactly can you expect from these excursions?

Bullock Cart Rides

One of the best parts of the village tour is getting to ride the bullock cart which is a truly unique experience that one should not miss. Bullock carts, one of the most common methods of transport back in the 80s and now a dying method of transportation is one where a two wheeled wooden cart is carried around by a bull. You can take a bullock cart ride around the village while you take in the beauty of rural living.

Catamaran Safaris

Catamaran safaris are a great way to ride on the shallow streams whilst admiring the nature and beauty surrounding the village. These safaris give you the unique opportunity for bird watching while sailing, if you’re lucky enough to spot birds on the way.

Tasting Traditional Local Cuisine

One of the best things about visiting a village is getting the chance to taste all the local food and witness fresh local produce which comes directly from farm to table. Many of the locals are very hospitable and you can expect to be offered King Coconuts, Tea, Fresh fruits and a local rice and curry. Some villagers even offer to teach you how to prepare local meals which makes village tours even more enjoyable.

Exploring The Village

Witness the paddy fields, lakes and experience an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

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