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Weather In Sri Lanka During August
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Over and above all the fascinating pieces of the country that come together to make it the marvel it is, it also has a spectacular climate.
The tropical weather is a plus, with sunshine and blue skies being the order of the day. If you enjoy chasing sunsets as much as we do, then you’ll be in awe of the evening colors in Sri Lanka.

Good weather is expected in the north and along the east coast, making August one of the few months that beach lovers can have their pick of Sri Lanka’s beaches. The northwest coast, from Negombo northwards, can also be promising.

Being surrounded by water bodies on all sides, Sri Lanka enjoys a tropical climate throughout the year. However, its proximity to the Equator keeps the temperature almost consistent on an annual basis. Nonetheless, December to March happens to be the best time to visit the West Coast while April to September is perfect to explore the East Coast. But in August the country comes alive. You can enjoy the best of beaches, city life and nightlife. So, plan your trip accordingly.