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A popular beach resort and a favourite stopover town for tourists due to its close proximity to the International Airport – just 6 Km!

Location: Negombo is a popular and a favourite beach resort of tourists due to its sunny weather and close proximity to the International Airport which is 6 Km! Located at the mouth of Negambo lagoon and set amid lush grove coconut palms allows you to feel the real spirit of the sea

You can see the evidence for the influence Portuguese, Dutch and English in many places such as the beautiful canals built by the Dutch and the churches built by Portuguese. It is here in this very colourful town that the Roman Catholics host the island’s only Passion play throughout the Christian Holy Week. A Lagoon filled with crabs and prawns, a beach where fish auctions take place, shops selling religious medallions and artefacts and streets with traces of colonial charm! Be sure to take some time to walk or to ride a bike through Negambo and see all the interesting places such as the Negambo Lagoon, the fish auction, the Dutch Canal and the shopping streets selling jewellery artefacts and medallions.