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Nilaveli Beach
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Nilaveli name was created due to the pure white sand in the beach and is known for one of the best beaches that has the purest white sand in Asia. It’s about 4 km long which consists of many modest resorts. Nilaveli beach is located in Trincomalee, Eastern province of Sri Lanka. The waves in this beach are ideal for surfing, diving as well for snorkeling.

There is a well known island called Pigeon island which is about 2 km into the sea. It is said that one can really connect with nature on this beach to an intense level and people tend to come here with the intention of taking a break from their hectic life. Most of the tourists are coming here during the months of April and October to work out on their tans as the sun is so intense within this time period. You can enjoy your time in hot water wells too. Water sports like wind surfing and diving most famous among the tourists as well as with the locals. Other than that bit far away from the coast, you can do snorkeling along the small rocky islands. If you want to witness a fully natural beach with pearly sands, then definitely enjoy your time in Nilaveli without any hesitation.