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Yala National Park
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Yala is one of the two largest national parks in the island. Also known as the Ruhuna National Park.

Yala is one of the two largest national parks in the island which is situated 300 km south of Colombo. This is also known as the Ruhuna National Park.The ideal time for a day visitor to experience the wildlife in the park is in the morning or in the evening. Most wildlife enthusiasts prefer to visit between December and May. Look out for herds of deer, sambars, large flocks of water birds, crocodiles, herds of elephants with calves, monkeys and other wild animals. And, if your are really fortunate maybe you will even catch sight of the beautiful mating dance of an exquisite peacock, a magnificent spotted leopard on the prowl or a fruit-eating sloth bear with her cubs. At the same time Yala is famed to be one of the parks which has the highest density of Leopards in a single geographical area, however it is said that you have to be lucky to spot this beautiful beast in Yala as they lead an out-of-the-way lifestyle.