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Ready, Set and Action

The history of filming began in the late 1890’s with the invention of the movie camera. Movies were initially shown only in cinema’s, and people had to travel long distances to watch a movie. During the phase of the new millennium, technologies rapidly developed and movies have become the main source of entertainment in the busy lives of people.

The Pioneers of Luxury Travel

It has become a challenge for film producers to entertain people, by travelling around the world in search of filming destinations and unique locations. Bernard Tours assists movie filming for pre-production and production of movies in Sri Lanka. Bernard Tours is the most preferred film production organizers in Sri Lanka for its knowledge on unique locations, and their commitment in assisting film producers and location managers in exploring the beautiful island (known as pearl of the Indian Ocean), and finding the most outstanding locations for their movie. Pre-production of movies involve identifying the best locations for the movie. Bernard Tours the best movie productions organizer assists pre-production with,
  • Planning the Tour
  • Transport
  • Accomodation
  • Food & Beverages
  • Its Custom Gallery of unique locations
Production of movies, which is the most important aspect of movie filming requires it large crew to visit all locations for the filming of the movie. The crew includes the director, assistant director, main artists and supporting artists, dancers, the video production team, choreographers and clothing and make-up team. Bernard Tours takes the main responsibility of assisting the whole film-production by providing the best service of supporting all the whole crew and ensuring the comfort and relaxation of the crew. Bernard Tours take the comfort of the crew as its key concern, as Bernard Tours is understands that discomforts by directors and their crew to affect the quality of the movie, and could lengthen the filing period. Bernard Tours is the best consultant and organizer of movie productions in Sri Lanka, assisting the movie production with
  • CIP services for the crew at the Airport
  • Planning the best route to locations
  • Transport arrangements
  • Caravans at locations
  • Accomodation
  • Food & Beverages
  • Assistants and helpers