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The Ultimate Beach Destination: The Guide to Making the Most of your Trip to Negombo
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Negombo is the beach closest to Bandaranaike International Airport making it the ideal place to visit as soon as you touch down in Sri Lanka.

This destination is a tourist favourite due to the close proximity and its wide range of hotels and accommodation options. You can choose Negombo as the first stop to wind down and relax before you begin your journey to explore the rest of Sri Lanka. Looking back at the history of Negombo, it used to be one of the sources of cinnamon during the Dutch Era and to this day you can see a bit of European influence in the town.

There are a list of places that you can visit during your stay in Negombo;

  • Explore the Fishing Village
    The city’s origin comes from fishing and the local community to this day consists of fishermen. The fishing process of this town is a truly unique experience. You can witness the process of how the local folks make a living and the sight of drying of fish under the hot sun.
  • Visit the Dutch Fort
    The dutch fort is a structure that one should visit to witness the resemblance of what Sri Lanka looked like during the dutch era.
  • Visit the St. Mary’s Church
    Negombo consists of many christians therefore is home to many churches. One of the top places to visit is the St. Mary’s Church. This tall building structure is a must-visit in Negombo.
  • Stroll around the Negombo Beaches
    The beaches in Negombo are the highlight of this town and the reason why many tourists and locals alike visit. The beaches offer several water sports as well as multiple restaurants and cafes around the beach.

Other places that you should visit are the Negombo Lagoon, the Kelaniya Buddhist Temple and the Dutch Clock Tower.

Don’t forget to take a canal boat ride and explore the ancient ruins of Negombo on your next visit to Sri Lanka!